Savage Gear Craft Bleak Mix - Clear or Dark Water Mix

Colours: Dark Water Mix
Sizes: 7cm | 2.5g
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Crafted with precision and inspired by the body shape of a Bleak Minnow, the Savage
Gear Craft Bleak Lure stands out with its impeccable details. Ideal for rigging on jig
heads or EWG weedless hooks, this lure features a slim body profile that excels in fast
water currents, ensuring an excellent hook-up rate. The lure delivers an irresistible
flanking and kicking action during both retrieval and descent, making it a versatile
choice for various fishing scenarios. Whether you're targeting perch, zander, pike,
trout, and more, this lure guarantees a strike-triggering performance.

Key Features:
Precision Craftsmanship: The lure is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, based on the body shape of a Bleak Minnow, ensuring a lifelike appearance in the water.
Slim Body Profile: The slim body profile enhances the lure's performance, allowing it to move swiftly through the water and navigate strong currents with ease.
Versatile Rigging: Designed for both jig heads and EWG weedless rigging, providing flexibility in your fishing approach.
Flanking and Kicking Action: The lure exhibits an unmissable flanking and kicking action, enhancing its attractiveness to a variety of predatory fish.
Twin and Triple Injection Colors: Featuring twin and triple injection colors, the lure offers a visually appealing and realistic appearance to entice fish.
Strike-Triggering Scent: Infused with a strike-triggering scent, this lure further increases its effectiveness in attracting and enticing fish to strike.

The Savage Gear Craft Bleak Lure Mix is your go-to option for a versatile and effective
fishing experience, capable of landing perch, zander, pike, trout, and more. Elevate
your fishing game with this meticulously designed and high-performance lure.

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